ATR Radio Episode 23: Back from a break

As always, the best new left-field pop, mainly from Australia and Canada, but if it’s from elsewhere and it sounds good, I’ll play it. Four weeks from the last show means an overabundance of great tunes.

Your playlist:

Wolf Shield, Polarize
Depeche Mode, Scum
You’ll Never Get to Heaven, Images
Black Cab, Senses Wild
The Wilcannia Mob: Intergeneration, Our Country, Our Way
Lucky Luke, Jacks
A.B. Original, 2 Black 2 Strong
KAYEX, My Friends
Jade Image, Walkin’ Around
Boss Hog, Rodeo Chica
Teen Daze, Rising (w/ Sound of Ceres)
, Ubu
The Low Joy Ceiling, No One Wants to Hear Another Protest Song
Time for Dreams, The Stranger

All the Rage no. 20: Australian dance + Canadian punk rock = profit?

Your biweekly dose of dissonant, poppy goodness, from Canada, Australia and beyond! As always, links to the music played on the show are in the setlist below. Enjoy!

Your setlist:

Kaade, All the air
Mum and Dad, The Temple of Mum and Dad
Ela Minus, I Wish I Had a Hat
100%, Lost Youth
Fog Lake, novocaine
Weed, Favourite Hate
Omerta, Pyromania
Sore Points, Tonight
Alien Boys, Gentrification
Collagen, Bullshit
Expanda Fuzz, At War With Summer
Spinning Coin, Raining on Hope Street
Rogue Wave, She Sells Sanctuary
Cocobeurre, Talk to Me
Prada Fantasies (f. Kimchi Princi)

All the Rage no. 19: Legal in some provinces… and Hobart!

Another week, another 60 minutes of great under-the-radar tuneage (also: new Slowdive), mainly from Australia and Canada. Including a spotlight on a really superb collection of music from Hobart, put out by Rough Skies Records. Pick it up!

Your setlist:

Jack T Wotton and the Wünderz, The Böy
Slowdive, Star Roving
Slowly, Same Lines
Heart Beach, Teeth
Powernap, Some Nights
Foxy Morons, Ex
EWAH & The Vision of Paradise, Walk the Night
Filthy Little Star, White Bread
Phanosland, From a Different City, On a Lonely  Bus
Willaris. K, Alchemy
The Courtneys, Tour
Dream Whip, Hoosker Du
melrose, the frog croaks out songs that make no sense
Raeburn, Moonlights

All the Rage no. 18: The Inauguration Edition

So I recorded this on January 20, a day that will live on in … etc., etc. Don’t know if you watched the inauguration, but I didn’t bother. I had a pretty good idea of what to expect, and we have four years to deal with it, so no need to catch the speech (I watched it later, for professional purposes. Verdict: I made the right call).

While the new US president was doing his thing, I spent my time putting together this podcast. Music and art: it’s a cliché, but they’re good for the soul. Lots of good tunes this week, as always, including a few political-leaning songs, cuz why not? Enjoy.

Your setlist:

Jetta, I’d Love to Change the World

Thievery Corporation, Letter to the Editor (f. Racquel Jones)

Albrecht La’Brooy, Hospital Road

AB Original, January 26

Reindeer, Shoot to Kill

Dragon Boy Suede, I Heal with My Steel

Kye Plant, The Gender Binary is a Jail Cell

Dorothea Paas, Meant 2

Consilience, Home Soon

Xarah Dion, Fugitive

No Goods, Stray

Wet Lips, Can’t Take It Anymore

Run the Jewels, A Report to the Shareholders

All the Rage no. 17: Back to basics

New music. From Canada and Australia. Also, this week, from Spain and Mexico. Looking to Spanish-language music sites like Me Hace Ruido for inspiration. Sixty minutes. Let’s get to it.

Your setlist:

Forty Seven Teeth, Payphone
Triangulo de Amor Bizarro, O Salve Eris
Pagan, Wine and Lace
Mi’ens, Dewey Decibel System
Lovely Head, Show Up
Kimchi Princi, She’s That Princi (prod. Atro)
DIANA, Slipping Away (Bad Channels remix)
, Sueños de Amor
Self Talk, Untitled
Sandals, Polished
Morning TV, Don’t Call Me Back
Chocolat, On est meilleurs qu’REM
Black Springs, Slinky Day
Jons, Equistrean Form
Little Jesus, Mala Onda

All the Rage no. 16: Welcome to 2017

Enough with the year-end lists – let’s get to some great new music, from Australia, Canada, and – why not? – the United States.

Your first setlist of 2017:

Run the Jewels, Talk to Me
Man Made Mountain, Mutombo Finger
Forevr, Petrichor
Erich Mrak, Float
Expanda Fuzz, It’s Your Glow, UFO
Medicine Voice, Aham/Realm of the Wild Woman
Rag N Bone, I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore
WLMRT, Brainfeel
Pious Faults, Rentrer à Quatre
Saint-Jack, Je te déteste, Fredericton
friendships, When I feel Like Killing, I Murder
Pelada, No Hay
Reindeer, Smoke
Confidence Man, Boyfriend (Repeat)
Chromeo, Frequent Flyer
Linda Guilala, Accidente

All the Rage, no. 13: Best of 2016, Part 2

My top 15 songs of the year, in some particular order.

15. New Order, Plastic
14. Primal Scream, Where the Light Gets In (ft. Sky Ferreira)
13. Teeth & Tongue, Dianne
12. Childsaint, Hallelujah Heartache
11. Laura Sauvage, White Trash Theatre School
10. Johnny Headband, Jupiter
9. Black Cab, Uniforms
8. Alex Lahey, Let’s Go Out
7. Sex Stains, Period. Period.
6. Candy, Conjuros y Rituales
5. Radiohead, Burn the Witch
4. Heart Beach, Brittle
3. The Jezabels, Smile
2. Police Force, Freakin’ Out the Squares
1. Camp Cope, Lost: Season One

All the Rage, no. 12: Best of 2016, Part I

It’s December, which, for music fans, means only one thing: It’s list time! Here’s part one of my 30 favourite songs of 2016. Part 2 coming in the next few days, followed by a Christmas show, a New Year’s extravaganza, and then it’s off to 2017.

Your setlist:

30. Duchess Says, I Repeat Myself
29. Marie Davidson, Naïve to the Bone
28. Donny Benet, Working Out
27. Pale Lips, Rock N Roll Dipshit
26. Mark Mills, Colonial
25. Birdz, Black Lives Matter
24. Speedy Ortiz, Death Note
23. Hello Seahorse!, Algún Día (Alicia)
22. Heart Attack Kids, Banshee
21. White Dog, Beyond Repair
20. Mai Lan, Technique
19. The Survivalists, Breakfast is a Scam
18. Jennifer LoPan, Number Eight
17. Tacocat, I Hate the Weekend
16. Lazertits, Ladies

All the Rage #9: The Pre-election celebration of dread

Too stressed to write any more. Here’s your playlist for the week.

Sons of Freedom, USA Long Distance

Sonic Youth, Youth Against Fascism
Lazertits, Boss Bitch
Mark Mills, Colonial
Primitive Calculators, On Drugs
Like a Motorcycle, Southern States
Casper Skulls, Love Brain
Z!K, Write Away
Pale Lips, Rock N Roll Dipshit
Straight Arrows, Turn Me Off
Lié, Truth
New Fries, May Poppins’ Pockets
Parading, Butterfly
Orange Glass, Starving for Days
Randy Newman, A Few Words in Defence of Our Country

All the Rage #9: The Pre-election celebration of dread