Show no. 29: From Finnish pop to Calgary punk

As always, the best new left-field pop, mainly from Australia and Canada, but if it’s from elsewhere and it sounds good, I’ll play it.

So much good music this week. Dig in.

Your setlist:

ttwwrrss, moon:and:6, and Kojo “Easy” Damptey, Almost Made It
Tornado Wallace, Today (feat. Sui Zhen)
Johnny Headband, Got My Eyes
Cina Polada, Gloom
Heart People, Voices
Ironing Music, New Friends
Gorillaz, She’s My Collar (feat. Kali Uchis)
Cable Ties, Same for Me
The Shiverettes, Dead Men Can’t Cat Call
Teenager, Just Drop It
Pale Lips, Don’t Take Your Switchblade to New York
Sloan Peterson, 105
Males, Two Moons
suiix, Pacific Dreamer

All the Rage Show 1.0 Sep. 3, 2016

All the Rage Show 1.0 Sep. 3, 2016

Johnny Headband, Underground
Mai Lan, Technique
Black Cab, Uniforms
Donny Benét, Endless (feat. Isabella Manfredi)
Heart Attack Kids, Banshee
Brat Kings, Coffins
White Dog, Locked Out
Anchoress, Your Career is Over
Shame Spiral, Untitled III
Catsuit, Starlet
Hot Spoke, Outlines
Fake Palms, Collar Bone
Jen Cloher, Dead Wood Falls
The Dean Ween Group, Mercedes Benz