All the Rage: Favourite tunes of 2021 (pt. 1), #50-31

As always, the best in left-field pop from Canada, Australian and beyond. For your listening pleasure, the year’s best tuneage, expertly selected and scientifically ordered. Enjoy!

Your setlist:

50. Warpaint (US)
Lilys (HBO ‘Made For Love’ Cut)

49. Aasiva (CAN)
Namu (feat. FxckMr)

48. Smaller Hearts (CAN)
Double Space

Beseech Me

46. Feel Estate
backwards ppl

45. Rabbit (AUS)
Gone Gone Gone

44. Rata Negra (ESP)
El Escarmiento

43. Blair Parkes (NZ)
step out

42. Candy (AUS)
Challenger Deep

41. JuliaWhy? (AUS)
Waiting for Time

40. Matahara (AUS)
What a Waste

39. Julia Jacklin & RVG (AUS)
Army Of Me

38. Princess Century (CAN)
Touch Yourself

37. boler mani (AUS)

36. Delivery (AUS)

35. Teether & Kuya Neil (AUS)
Addy (feat. Sevy)

34. Blair Lee (CAN)
California (feat. Sylo Nozra)

33. Lija (AUS)
The Wizard of Oz

32. Odonis Odonis (CAN)

31. Springtime (AUS)
Will To Power

All the Rage no. 82: Songs from the Great Indoors

As always, the best in new left-field pop from Canada, Australia and beyond. This week: several great tunes from the comp Stay Inside – Songs from the Great Indoors, put together by a bunch of Aussie indie labels. 100% of receipts to the bands. Check it out. Also Edmonton’s Real Sickies with some punkage recorded in isolation, and so much more.

The show:

The setlist:

La Fièvre
Faudra faire mieux

Pinch Points
Liquid Stone – Ground Up – System Failure

Full On

Velvet Casino

Glen Schenau

Juniper Bush


Blush Response
Snacks [Bored Nothing Cover]

Chastity Belt
The Process

suffer fools
when i was a monster

Expanda Fuzz
The State Of The Nation

Emma Russack
When You Sleep (My Bloody Valentine Cover)

Victories at Sea
When the Dark

Dead Little Penny
Dead Together

Calming Chamber
On Hold

Million Dollar Baby

Shoulder Season
Clean Lines

Real Sickies
Baby I’m an Isolator

All the Rage no. 60 – January 29, 2019: A nice, round number

Show 60! Second show of 2019! As always, the best in new left-field pop from Canada, Australia and beyond. This week: Triple J Hottest 100 heroes Hilltop Hoods and Hockey Dad! The heartbreakingly beautiful Ripe Music ( #1 song of 2018, from Laura Jean! Invigorating noise from Gloin, Babyfats and Vintage Corp! And so, so much more.

Yer setlist:

Jeepz, Tune.In[Tro]

Gloin, Cha Cha

Omar Musa, Assimilate (feat. Tasman Keith)

FM Attack, Frozen (feat. Mnynms)

FLUIR, Feeling for You

Lastlings, Stellar

Scary Bear Soundtrack, pyongyang

EWAH, Black Horse

Nice Biscuit, Captain

Actors, L’appel du vide

Vintage Corp, Guarantees

Babyfats, AAH! AAH!

Hilltop Hoods, Leave Me Lonely

Hockey Dad, Join the Club

Soft Science, I Don’t Know Why I Love You

Laura Jean, Girls on the TV

All the Rage no. 59, December 6, 2019: Batting cleanup on 2018

Your biweekly source of the best left-field indie pop/rock/punk/dance from Canada, Australia and beyond.

This week: Some great tuneage from the back end of 2018, from the cool hiphop of Okenyo and the smooth electropop of Gauci to the compelling drone of Negative Nancies and the joyous guitar pop of faves Pale Lips. And so much more.

Yer setlist:

Okenyo, Hang Your Hat

Gauci, Paradise

Rackett, I Please Myself

Sweater Curse, Mon’s Song

Slag Queens, Waterfall

Negative Nancies, The Dogs

Bloods, No Fun (feat. Girls Rock!)

Pale Lips, You’re A Doll

RAT!Hammock, June

Little Desert, Happy

Blessed, Thought

Hexdebt, Covenant

WLMRT, Dark Dollars

Milk Buttons, Some Impression

Sarsaparilla, Postcard

Charlie Collins, Mexico

Contrast, Black Hole

Julia Jacklin, Head Alone

All the Rage no. 49 – June 23, 2018: Feel-good hits of the year

Your biweekly source of the best left-field pop/rock/punk/dance from Canada, Australia and beyond. This week: Good music equals good mood. The proof is streaming below.

Your setlist:

Shirley & the Pyrmaids, One Life

Expanda Fuzz, Check Your Watch

Moaning Lisa, Good

VOIID, Not For You

White Blanks, Go Right Now

Georgia June, Pressure

Muncie Girls, Picture of Health

Wax Mannequin, Boring

Fritz, Biggest Fool in the World

Loose Tooth, Keep Up

Seaside, Golden Girl

Stars, One Day Left

Single Tear, in your arms, in my arms

Chromeo, Room Service

All the Rage no. 40 – January 13, 2018: First of the New Year!

Welcome to 2018. Show 40. The best in Canadian and Australian left-field pop, with a special guest appearance from UK band Artificial Pleasure. Let’s get to it!

Your setlist:

IV League, Change My Mind

Artificial Pleasure, Wound Up Tight
Yon Yonson, Pattern Recognition 1

Lovely Head, Show Up (Rebel Yell Mix)

Donny Benét, Melodie

Miteh, Filament

Ghostkeeper, Transam Sister

TOPS, Dayglow Bimbo

Blessed, Headache

Spirit Desire, Going to Denny’s

Jon McKiel, Conduit

Sunscreen, Tide

Adderall, Embrace

Episode 22, guys. Way into the double digits

As always, the best new left-field pop, mainly from Australia and Canada, but if it’s from elsewhere and it sounds good, I’ll play it. Hello Seahorse! marks 10 years with a live album, Batpiss returns, Confidence Man follow up on a terrific first single (and get signed to a label!), and we check back in with the remarkable Fog Lake. And so much more.

Full playlist below.

The Afghan Whigs, Demon in Profile
Hello Seahorse!, Bestia (En Vivo)
Mark Lanegan, Beehive
Batpiss, Weatherboard Man
W I N C H E S T E R, Last Day of the Year
She-Devils, The World Laughs
Confidence Man, Bubblegum
mark mills, Fancy White Face
EWAH & The Vision of Paradise, Endless Love
Lou Canon, Fever
Lastlings, Urges
Danko Jones, I Gotta Rock
Prepared, Open the Doors
dumb, Trophy
Fog Lake, Roswell

All the Rage 1.4, Oct 8 2016. Melodic dissonance and dreamy pop from Australia and Canada

It’s show number five! Enjoy.

All the Rage 1.4, Oct 8 2016. Melodic dissonance and dreamy pop from Australia and Canada

Here’s your track list:

Kim Gordon, Murdered Out
Cheap High, Time and Space
Greys, Fresh Hell
WTCHS, You Own Your Bones
Key Out, Tread Gently
The Love Between, Believe It
Vesuvio Solo, Don’t Leave Me in the Dark
Waitress, Engram
No Local, Thinking the Wrong Things (Single Edit)
Dream Girl, 88
Bernardino Femminielli, Café petite chatte
Scraps, Touch Blue
Lastlings, You