All the rage no. 14: More best-of 2016, and IT’S CHRISTMAS, YOU GUYS!!!

I forgot to post this when I recorded it a few days before Christmas, but no worries – the mix is about half songs that I somehow forgot to include in my best-of 2016 list (so much good music this year), and half Christmas- and holiday-themed tunes that sound great no matter what time of year it is. Don’t believe me? Go straight to !!! and try to tell me that that beat wouldn’t get you moving in the middle of July.

Check out your setlist:

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast, California Christmastime
Channing Tatum, No Dames!
Pity Sex, A Satisfactory World for Reasonable People
!!!, And Anyway It’s Christmas
Run the Jewels, A
Christmas Fucking Miracle

Safe Sex, A Raven and a Writing Desk
Lastlings, You
DZ Deathrays, Lonely This Christmas
The Drones, Private Execution
David Axis, Fukushima Xmas
Swim Team, Sentez
Ripcordz, Do You Believe?
Heart Beach, Holiday
Karen Kilgariff, Drink My Way Through Christmas

All the Rage, no. 13: Best of 2016, Part 2

My top 15 songs of the year, in some particular order.

15. New Order, Plastic
14. Primal Scream, Where the Light Gets In (ft. Sky Ferreira)
13. Teeth & Tongue, Dianne
12. Childsaint, Hallelujah Heartache
11. Laura Sauvage, White Trash Theatre School
10. Johnny Headband, Jupiter
9. Black Cab, Uniforms
8. Alex Lahey, Let’s Go Out
7. Sex Stains, Period. Period.
6. Candy, Conjuros y Rituales
5. Radiohead, Burn the Witch
4. Heart Beach, Brittle
3. The Jezabels, Smile
2. Police Force, Freakin’ Out the Squares
1. Camp Cope, Lost: Season One

All the Rage, no. 12: Best of 2016, Part I

It’s December, which, for music fans, means only one thing: It’s list time! Here’s part one of my 30 favourite songs of 2016. Part 2 coming in the next few days, followed by a Christmas show, a New Year’s extravaganza, and then it’s off to 2017.

Your setlist:

30. Duchess Says, I Repeat Myself
29. Marie Davidson, Naïve to the Bone
28. Donny Benet, Working Out
27. Pale Lips, Rock N Roll Dipshit
26. Mark Mills, Colonial
25. Birdz, Black Lives Matter
24. Speedy Ortiz, Death Note
23. Hello Seahorse!, Algún Día (Alicia)
22. Heart Attack Kids, Banshee
21. White Dog, Beyond Repair
20. Mai Lan, Technique
19. The Survivalists, Breakfast is a Scam
18. Jennifer LoPan, Number Eight
17. Tacocat, I Hate the Weekend
16. Lazertits, Ladies

All the Rage no. 10: Welcome to the future

It’s been a rough two weeks, for everyone I think. Here’s my attempt to cope with the US election through song, and the usual great new music from Australia and Canada.

Your setlist:

U2, Bullet the Blue Sky
White Dog, Beyond Repair
Cowards, Ends Inside
Red Red Krovvy, Sick
J Robbins, Anodyne
Sisters of Mercy, Vision Thing
Spotting, No Prize
Waterfall Person, Everyday it’s the same waterfall
Windfall Found, Up To and Late
Ravin, 95 ’til
Max Phoenix, Certain Girls
Leathers, Missing Scene
Ann Reinking and Bebe Newirth, Nowadays

All the Rage 1.5, Oct 15 2016. New Canadian & Australian tuneage: Pure pop and punk rock

It’s show number six! Sixty minutes of melodic dissonance, from Australia, Canada, with guest appearances from Madrid and Mexico City.

All the Rage 1.5, Oct 15 2016. New Canadian & Australian tuneage: Pure pop and punk rock

Here’s your track listing:

Duchess Says, I repeat myself
Donny Benet, Working Out
Pet Shop Boys, A Cloud in a Box
Songs from the Black Lodge, Animals Grow Horns
Pleasure Symbols, Above All Else
OK Badlands, Dust & Gold
Lowtide, Spring
Ce François Couture, Taxi Insurance
Military Position, Ready to Fight
Police Force, The Cloud
Jennifer LoPan, Full Moon
Rata Negra, Por no estar sola
Royal Red Brigade, Blood Music
Double Date with Death, Creature
Nelson y Los Filisteos, Sobre las Panteras

All the Rage 1.4, Oct 8 2016. Melodic dissonance and dreamy pop from Australia and Canada

It’s show number five! Enjoy.

All the Rage 1.4, Oct 8 2016. Melodic dissonance and dreamy pop from Australia and Canada

Here’s your track list:

Kim Gordon, Murdered Out
Cheap High, Time and Space
Greys, Fresh Hell
WTCHS, You Own Your Bones
Key Out, Tread Gently
The Love Between, Believe It
Vesuvio Solo, Don’t Leave Me in the Dark
Waitress, Engram
No Local, Thinking the Wrong Things (Single Edit)
Dream Girl, 88
Bernardino Femminielli, Café petite chatte
Scraps, Touch Blue
Lastlings, You


All the Rage 1.3, Oct. 2, 2016: Fourth episode! Best new indie music from Australia, Canada & beyond

Fourth episode! New music from Canada and Australia.

All the Rage 1.3, Oct. 2, 2016: Fourth episode! Best new indie music from Australia, Canada & beyond


Here’s your setlist:

The Fable Singers, Western Bulldogs FC Song “Sons of the Sea”
Heart Beach, Brittle
Chris Thornborrow and Bruce Peninsula, Don’t Wake the Giant
Slow Down Molasses, Moon Queen
The Yips, Sleep of Reason
Contrast, Vanishing Point
Surf Dads, Found Yourself in Thailand
Mare Advertencia Lirka, Bienvenidx
Lucky Luke, Sunburnt Country
Run the Jewels, Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck)
A Tribe Called Red, R.E.D. (f. Yasiin Bey, Nnarcy & Black Bear)
Matt Jaekel and Dave Klassen (Windfall Found), Expedition to 15,000 PSI
Windfall Found, Pulling for the Heavens 1: Soaring
BBQT, Handsome Daredevil Bad Boy Kinda Guy


All the Rage 1.2 Sept. 25, 2016: From Mexico to Hobart to Toronto

It’s show number three! And only a week late.

All the Rage 1.2 Sept. 25, 2016: From Mexico to Hobart to Toronto

Your setlist:
Martina Topley-Bird, Too Tough to Die (intro)
Candy, Conjuros Y Rituales
Katie Dey, Fear O’ The Light
The Metronomes, Too Much Information
Morning TV, Golden
Lazertits, Ladies
Dogtower, Simulated Drinking
Sex Stains, Period. Period.
Hardly Boys, All I Want
Little Kid, think it over
Babygirl, It’s Getting Late
Lowell, West Coast Forever
Lucky Luke, Gone 4ever f. Rahjoconkas
Flour, There She Goes
Casper Skulls, Devotion
Peeling, Leisure Life
NoMeansNo, Joyful Reunion
Metric, Reflection 07 (outro)

All the Rage Show 1.0 Sep. 3, 2016

All the Rage Show 1.0 Sep. 3, 2016

Johnny Headband, Underground
Mai Lan, Technique
Black Cab, Uniforms
Donny Benét, Endless (feat. Isabella Manfredi)
Heart Attack Kids, Banshee
Brat Kings, Coffins
White Dog, Locked Out
Anchoress, Your Career is Over
Shame Spiral, Untitled III
Catsuit, Starlet
Hot Spoke, Outlines
Fake Palms, Collar Bone
Jen Cloher, Dead Wood Falls
The Dean Ween Group, Mercedes Benz