All the Rage no. 53 – September 15, 2018: Hello, Duisburg!

Your biweekly source of the best left-field pop/rock/punk/dance from Canada, Australia and beyond. This week: I’ve relocated to Duisburg, Germany. 45 minutes from Cologne. Home to the world’s largest inland port. The cycling is fantastic. I’ve managed to tear myself away from it to gift you 52 minutes or so of tasty tuneage, from the thrilling experimentalism of Petra Glynt to the sombre beauty of Molly Drag (lots of Montrealers on the show this week). And so much more.

Yer tracklist:

Petra Glynt

The Blackout

Marie Davidson
So Right


White Blanks
I Don’t Wanna (Die)


Straight Arrows
Out and Down


Danny Michel
Purgatory Cove

Molly Drag
Last Words

Summer Holiday

Cool 2 Start

Black Springs
Slinky Day

Choses Sauvages

All the Rage no. 40 – January 13, 2018: First of the New Year!

Welcome to 2018. Show 40. The best in Canadian and Australian left-field pop, with a special guest appearance from UK band Artificial Pleasure. Let’s get to it!

Your setlist:

IV League, Change My Mind

Artificial Pleasure, Wound Up Tight
Yon Yonson, Pattern Recognition 1

Lovely Head, Show Up (Rebel Yell Mix)

Donny Benét, Melodie

Miteh, Filament

Ghostkeeper, Transam Sister

TOPS, Dayglow Bimbo

Blessed, Headache

Spirit Desire, Going to Denny’s

Jon McKiel, Conduit

Sunscreen, Tide

Adderall, Embrace

ATR no. 28: All Canada, All the Time (One Day Only)

As always, the best new left-field pop, mainly from Australia (though not today) and Canada, but if it’s from elsewhere and it sounds good, I’ll play it.

Happy Canada Day! Enjoy this fine selection of Canadian tuneage.

Your setlist:

Stars, The Theory of Relativity

A Tribe Called Red, R.E.D. (f. Yasiin Bey, Narcy & Black Bear)

The Survivalists, Me & James
US Girls, Incidental Boogie
Grimes, Flesh Without Blood
JB the First Lady, We were Children
Len, Steal My Sunshine
Radio Radio, Kenny G Non-Stop
Pale Lips, I’m Glad There’s Only 2 of Me
The Yips, Point Dume
The OBGMs, Beat Up Kidz
Solids, Not Complaining
The Courtneys, Minnesota
Jennifer LoPan, You’re So Unkind
Jim Bryson, The Depression Dance
Expanda Fuzz, It’s Your Glow, UFO
Sloan, Same Old Flame
Mitsou, Dis-Moi Dis Moi
Metric, Stadium Love

Episode 27! The New Zealand show

As always, the best new left-field pop, mainly from Australia and Canada, but if it’s from elsewhere and it sounds good, I’ll play it.

Today’s show highlights the music of New Zealand, drawing from Pop Lib’s 31 days of New Zealand Music month marathon. So much good music – today’s show only offers a sampling. Check out the whole series. And there’s some Canadian and Australian music in there as well.

Your setlist:

The Survivalists, Cheese Lust
Saint-Jack, Fuck off, l’anxiété
Couchmaster, Redux
Gentlemen of the Woods, Eye of the Hurricane
A.B. Original, Black Balls
The OBGMs, Torpedo
Élan Vital, Dreams
Street Chant, Swanning
Pesk, When the Heavies Come
Eddie Lucciola and Matt Jaekel, After Hours
Fazerdaze, Little Uneasy
Bad Channels, Exo
Purple Pilgrims, Drink the Juice
Ashley Shadow, Tired
LTTLE PHNX, Luvrs Disc Ours

Episode 26! All rock, no talk.

As always, the best new left-field pop, mainly from Australia and Canada, but if it’s from elsewhere and it sounds good, I’ll play it.

Punk rock, sensitive indie folk, weirdo orchestral pop, dreamy cover of an 80s pop classic, episode 26 has you covered.

Your setlist:

Batpiss, Paralyzed
Cable Ties, Say What You Mean
The Jesus and Mary Chain, All Things Pass
Las Robertas, Sun Haze
Scary Bear Soundtrack, Asian Fetishist
Sparks, What the Hell is it This Time?
Dream Girl, She Drives Me Crazy
Ruby Blue, Stand Together
Look Blue Go Purple, As Does the Sun
Sachet, Melted Wires
ginla, Apophenia
The Stevens, Chancer

Episode 25! The quarter-century show

It’s the quarter-century show! As always, the best new left-field pop, mainly from Australia and Canada, but if it’s from elsewhere and it sounds good, I’ll play it.

Hmmm… Dreampop, indie rock, sensitive alternafolk(?). And an nifty song from Melbourne of the late ‘70s-early ‘80s that always reminds me of LCD Soundsystem, who are also in the playlist. Tasty.

Your setlist:

Seafog, The Crown
Victories at Sea, Echoes
Ghost Twin, Plastic Heart
Young Galaxy, Stay for Real
Billy Moon, Tarranoh
Essendon Airport, I Feel a Song Coming On
LCD Soundsystem, Call the Police
Foam, Get on Board
Pregnancy, First Kiss
Drennon Davis & Karen Kilgariff, Dreams
I.D.A.L.G., Lac de plumes
Fog Lake, Rattlesnake
The Quivers, Chinatown

All the Rage no. 18: The Inauguration Edition

So I recorded this on January 20, a day that will live on in … etc., etc. Don’t know if you watched the inauguration, but I didn’t bother. I had a pretty good idea of what to expect, and we have four years to deal with it, so no need to catch the speech (I watched it later, for professional purposes. Verdict: I made the right call).

While the new US president was doing his thing, I spent my time putting together this podcast. Music and art: it’s a cliché, but they’re good for the soul. Lots of good tunes this week, as always, including a few political-leaning songs, cuz why not? Enjoy.

Your setlist:

Jetta, I’d Love to Change the World

Thievery Corporation, Letter to the Editor (f. Racquel Jones)

Albrecht La’Brooy, Hospital Road

AB Original, January 26

Reindeer, Shoot to Kill

Dragon Boy Suede, I Heal with My Steel

Kye Plant, The Gender Binary is a Jail Cell

Dorothea Paas, Meant 2

Consilience, Home Soon

Xarah Dion, Fugitive

No Goods, Stray

Wet Lips, Can’t Take It Anymore

Run the Jewels, A Report to the Shareholders