Song of the week: Confidence Man, Boyfriend (Repeat)

Brisbane, Australia’s, Confidence Man has exactly one song to their name. But my god, what a song. I really can’t improve on Triple J Unearthed’s description of the song as “like Tom Tom Club partying with LCD Soundsystem.”

This is the party song to end all party songs. If I’d heard it before this week there’s no question that it would’ve been near the top of my year-end best-of list. Hilarious, deadpan vocals courtesy of Janet Planet detailing all of her boyfriend’s shortcomings (basically, he’s just sooooo sensitive) and an insanely infectious beat make this a keeper. I can only imagine how fabulous their live show must be. Shame they’re a 24-hour flight away…

Tuneage of the week: Police Force, Freakin’ Out the Squares

Brisbane’s Police Force (the band, not the agents of the state) are effortlessly cool. Underground rock and roll that actually sounds dangerous and audacious. Even their name lends them an air of mystery – it’s not exactly easily Googleable, just like the title of their first album, Police Force. Think of them as the spiritual successors of the legendary Nation of Ulysses. Get on board (Tenth Court).

h/t Soundly Sounds