All the Rage: Favourite tunes of 2021 (pt. 1), #50-31

As always, the best in left-field pop from Canada, Australian and beyond. For your listening pleasure, the year’s best tuneage, expertly selected and scientifically ordered. Enjoy!

Your setlist:

50. Warpaint (US)
Lilys (HBO ‘Made For Love’ Cut)

49. Aasiva (CAN)
Namu (feat. FxckMr)

48. Smaller Hearts (CAN)
Double Space

Beseech Me

46. Feel Estate
backwards ppl

45. Rabbit (AUS)
Gone Gone Gone

44. Rata Negra (ESP)
El Escarmiento

43. Blair Parkes (NZ)
step out

42. Candy (AUS)
Challenger Deep

41. JuliaWhy? (AUS)
Waiting for Time

40. Matahara (AUS)
What a Waste

39. Julia Jacklin & RVG (AUS)
Army Of Me

38. Princess Century (CAN)
Touch Yourself

37. boler mani (AUS)

36. Delivery (AUS)

35. Teether & Kuya Neil (AUS)
Addy (feat. Sevy)

34. Blair Lee (CAN)
California (feat. Sylo Nozra)

33. Lija (AUS)
The Wizard of Oz

32. Odonis Odonis (CAN)

31. Springtime (AUS)
Will To Power

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