All the Rage no. 82: Songs from the Great Indoors

As always, the best in new left-field pop from Canada, Australia and beyond. This week: several great tunes from the comp Stay Inside – Songs from the Great Indoors, put together by a bunch of Aussie indie labels. 100% of receipts to the bands. Check it out. Also Edmonton’s Real Sickies with some punkage recorded in isolation, and so much more.

The show:

The setlist:

La Fièvre
Faudra faire mieux

Pinch Points
Liquid Stone – Ground Up – System Failure

Full On

Velvet Casino

Glen Schenau

Juniper Bush


Blush Response
Snacks [Bored Nothing Cover]

Chastity Belt
The Process

suffer fools
when i was a monster

Expanda Fuzz
The State Of The Nation

Emma Russack
When You Sleep (My Bloody Valentine Cover)

Victories at Sea
When the Dark

Dead Little Penny
Dead Together

Calming Chamber
On Hold

Million Dollar Baby

Shoulder Season
Clean Lines

Real Sickies
Baby I’m an Isolator