All the Rage no. 33 – September 16, 2017: The Heartbeat festival edition

The Heartbeat music festival bills itself as the world’s tiniest music festival, and they’re not wrong. Three stages, five bands, merch, art, beer, food, all in someone’s backyard in Toronto. Let’s see who was on stage, shall we?

Also, your usual mind-blowingly good left-field pop from Canada and Australia.

Your setlist:

Birdz, Crown Thieves
Tralala Blip, Wax Figurine
JB the First Lady, Still Here
Before the Flood, TTC
Charles Spearin, Anna
Heart Beach, Summer
Kashka, New Moon Blues
, Beware
James Wyatt Crosby, Nobody Else
Alvvays, Plimsoll Punks
Workhorse, Pocalypse
Tough Age, Me in Glue
Sparks, I Wish You Were Fun


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