ATR Radio Episode 23: Back from a break

As always, the best new left-field pop, mainly from Australia and Canada, but if it’s from elsewhere and it sounds good, I’ll play it. Four weeks from the last show means an overabundance of great tunes.

Your playlist:

Wolf Shield, Polarize
Depeche Mode, Scum
You’ll Never Get to Heaven, Images
Black Cab, Senses Wild
The Wilcannia Mob: Intergeneration, Our Country, Our Way
Lucky Luke, Jacks
A.B. Original, 2 Black 2 Strong
KAYEX, My Friends
Jade Image, Walkin’ Around
Boss Hog, Rodeo Chica
Teen Daze, Rising (w/ Sound of Ceres)
, Ubu
The Low Joy Ceiling, No One Wants to Hear Another Protest Song
Time for Dreams, The Stranger