Song of the week: mi’ens, Dewey Decibel System

Vancouver’s mi’ens gets math rock right. Their latest release, Challenger (whose cover is a not-exactly-tasteful rendering of the explosion of the shuttle of the same name), is simultaneously soothing, unsettling and menacing in its use of repetition and, as they put it, odd time signatures (I was pleasantly pleased to find that they use this as a bandcamp tag, which yields a lot of other listening options).

Dewey Decibel System (great song title) leans toward the soothing side of their sound, which is probably why it’s my favourite track and has already garnered repeated listens – the world being what it is these days I can only take so much anxiety from my music. That said, Challenger’s definitely wormed its way into my life soundtrack.

All the Rage no. 17: Back to basics

New music. From Canada and Australia. Also, this week, from Spain and Mexico. Looking to Spanish-language music sites like Me Hace Ruido for inspiration. Sixty minutes. Let’s get to it.

Your setlist:

Forty Seven Teeth, Payphone
Triangulo de Amor Bizarro, O Salve Eris
Pagan, Wine and Lace
Mi’ens, Dewey Decibel System
Lovely Head, Show Up
Kimchi Princi, She’s That Princi (prod. Atro)
DIANA, Slipping Away (Bad Channels remix)
, Sueños de Amor
Self Talk, Untitled
Sandals, Polished
Morning TV, Don’t Call Me Back
Chocolat, On est meilleurs qu’REM
Black Springs, Slinky Day
Jons, Equistrean Form
Little Jesus, Mala Onda