Song of the week: Confidence Man, Boyfriend (Repeat)

Brisbane, Australia’s, Confidence Man has exactly one song to their name. But my god, what a song. I really can’t improve on Triple J Unearthed’s description of the song as “like Tom Tom Club partying with LCD Soundsystem.”

This is the party song to end all party songs. If I’d heard it before this week there’s no question that it would’ve been near the top of my year-end best-of list. Hilarious, deadpan vocals courtesy of Janet Planet detailing all of her boyfriend’s shortcomings (basically, he’s just sooooo sensitive) and an insanely infectious beat make this a keeper. I can only imagine how fabulous their live show must be. Shame they’re a 24-hour flight away…

All the Rage no. 16: Welcome to 2017

Enough with the year-end lists – let’s get to some great new music, from Australia, Canada, and – why not? – the United States.

Your first setlist of 2017:

Run the Jewels, Talk to Me
Man Made Mountain, Mutombo Finger
Forevr, Petrichor
Erich Mrak, Float
Expanda Fuzz, It’s Your Glow, UFO
Medicine Voice, Aham/Realm of the Wild Woman
Rag N Bone, I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore
WLMRT, Brainfeel
Pious Faults, Rentrer à Quatre
Saint-Jack, Je te déteste, Fredericton
friendships, When I feel Like Killing, I Murder
Pelada, No Hay
Reindeer, Smoke
Confidence Man, Boyfriend (Repeat)
Chromeo, Frequent Flyer
Linda Guilala, Accidente