All the Rage, no. 12: Best of 2016, Part I

It’s December, which, for music fans, means only one thing: It’s list time! Here’s part one of my 30 favourite songs of 2016. Part 2 coming in the next few days, followed by a Christmas show, a New Year’s extravaganza, and then it’s off to 2017.

Your setlist:

30. Duchess Says, I Repeat Myself
29. Marie Davidson, Naïve to the Bone
28. Donny Benet, Working Out
27. Pale Lips, Rock N Roll Dipshit
26. Mark Mills, Colonial
25. Birdz, Black Lives Matter
24. Speedy Ortiz, Death Note
23. Hello Seahorse!, Algún Día (Alicia)
22. Heart Attack Kids, Banshee
21. White Dog, Beyond Repair
20. Mai Lan, Technique
19. The Survivalists, Breakfast is a Scam
18. Jennifer LoPan, Number Eight
17. Tacocat, I Hate the Weekend
16. Lazertits, Ladies

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