All the Rage 1.4, Oct 8 2016. Melodic dissonance and dreamy pop from Australia and Canada

It’s show number five! Enjoy.

All the Rage 1.4, Oct 8 2016. Melodic dissonance and dreamy pop from Australia and Canada

Here’s your track list:

Kim Gordon, Murdered Out
Cheap High, Time and Space
Greys, Fresh Hell
WTCHS, You Own Your Bones
Key Out, Tread Gently
The Love Between, Believe It
Vesuvio Solo, Don’t Leave Me in the Dark
Waitress, Engram
No Local, Thinking the Wrong Things (Single Edit)
Dream Girl, 88
Bernardino Femminielli, Café petite chatte
Scraps, Touch Blue
Lastlings, You


Pleasing Melody of the Week: Lastlings, You

As a non-Australian (albeit one who was on the way to getting permanent residency there before being offered a job back in North America), I’ve always associated the Gold Coast with a kind of low-rent decadence, of year-round spring breakers doing what spring breakers do, like leaning into the alcohol poisoning. Crass. Basically, the opposite of Gold Coasters Lastlings, whom I’ve been following since stumbling onto some of their songs on triplejunearthed about a year or so ago. (Aside: Canada needs a triplejunearthed site and radio station. CBC, get on it!)

Siblings Joshua and Amy Dowdle create delicate, breathy, beautiful synthpop that’s pretty much the opposite of my mental image of the Gold Coast. They’ve put together a passel of dreamy singles and an EP that are definitely worth seeking out. You is vintage Lastlings, released last June. Since then they’ve also released another single, Time, which is just as good. Lovely stuff.