All the Rage Show #8! New left-field pop from Canada, Australia and beyond.

It’s show number eight! The best in left-field pop from Canada, Australia, and other fine countries. In which we also take a moment to consider the effects of the Stolen Generations and Canada’s residential school system. Your tracklist:

Martina Topley Bird, Too Tough to Die (intro)

Randy Newman, Putin

Primal Scream, Where the Light Gets In

JB the First Lady, We were Children

Tropic Harbour, Now I See

Gord Downie, The Stranger

Archie Roach, Took the Children Away

Briggs, The Children Came Back

Birdz, Black Lives Matter

Tanya Tagaq, Aorta

The Dean Ween Group, I’ll Take it (And Break It)

Sons of Freedom, Super Cool Wagon

Cursed Arrows, Jimmy’s Dead

Alexisonfire, The Dead Heart

Metric, Reflection 06 (outro)

All the Rage Show #8! New left-field pop from Canada, Australia and beyond.

All the Rage 1.6 Indie pop and punk rock, from Montreal to Melbourne.

It’s show number seven! Your weekly dose of new independent music from Canada and Australia, with a shout out to Nasty Grrls thrown in, because it is election season. Your setlist:

Martina Topley Bird, Too Tough to Die (intro)
Royal Red Brigade, Blood Music
The Nation Blue, Rotten
Pinkshinyultrablast, Kiddy Pool Dreams
Jo Passed, Look Up
Marie Davidson, Naïve to the Bone
Scraps, Underground
Jennifer LoPan, Number Eight
Double Date with Death, Creature
Le Couleur, L’Amour le Jour
Hey Chica!, Un Instante
Wild Meadows, Nowhere
Passive Smoke, Hold Me
Candy, Can’t Pretend
Extra Foxx, The Beatles Were Right
Childbirth, Nasty Grrls
Metric, Reflection 06 (outro)

All the Rage 1.6 Indie pop and punk rock, from Montreal to Melbourne.

Political) Song of the Week, Childbirth, Nasty Grrls

Like pretty much everyone else on the planet, I’ve been transfixed by the US presidential election. To their credit, it looks like the United States is going do what the UK didn’t manage, namely, avoid giving in to ultra-right white racist nationalism. But, man, what a slog it’s been, and one of the most discouraging parts of the whole endeavour has been  the realization of exactly how much of the antipathy toward Hillary Clinton is driven by conscious and unconscious sexism. Many people I know say that they don’t like her because they don’t like her policies, but there’s hardly any difference between her and Obama, and they’re usually pretty willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt, because they like him.

And of course she gets dinged because she’s “robotic,” or “not a natural campaigner.” But you can be sure that if she really let loose on the campaign trail, the same folks would start going on about how hysterical she sounds. (Also, you know what’s a more-positive adjective than robotic that describes exactly what’s going on for Clinton? Prepared. Does the world really need a Commander-in-Chief who’s all about indulging his improv skills?) That Hillary Clinton has managed to get this close to the presidency is a bit of a minor miracle, and a testament to her skill and, yes, temperament.

Anyway, after Donald Trump gifted us with “Such a NASTY woman” at the end of the third debate (though I prefer the more versatile “You’re the puppet!), most people’s minds immediately went to Janet Jackson’s “Nasty,” which makes sense. But my first musical thought was something more recent, Childbirth’s Nasty Grrl. For me, both this song and Clinton are the happy endgame of one of the more positive happenings in the 90s, the Riot Grrl movement. The next four years are doubtlessly going to be full of nasty, sexist, misogynistic attacks on Clinton and women in general, but I’m hopeful that the Clinton presidency will, in some small way, be the first Riot Grrl presidency, and that our kids (and the voting public) will increasingly see being a Nasty Grrl and a NASTY woman (in the Janet Jackson and Childbirth, not Trumpian, sense of the word) as the compliment it is. (Suicide Squeeze Records)

All the Rage 1.5, Oct 15 2016. New Canadian & Australian tuneage: Pure pop and punk rock

It’s show number six! Sixty minutes of melodic dissonance, from Australia, Canada, with guest appearances from Madrid and Mexico City.

All the Rage 1.5, Oct 15 2016. New Canadian & Australian tuneage: Pure pop and punk rock

Here’s your track listing:

Duchess Says, I repeat myself
Donny Benet, Working Out
Pet Shop Boys, A Cloud in a Box
Songs from the Black Lodge, Animals Grow Horns
Pleasure Symbols, Above All Else
OK Badlands, Dust & Gold
Lowtide, Spring
Ce François Couture, Taxi Insurance
Military Position, Ready to Fight
Police Force, The Cloud
Jennifer LoPan, Full Moon
Rata Negra, Por no estar sola
Royal Red Brigade, Blood Music
Double Date with Death, Creature
Nelson y Los Filisteos, Sobre las Panteras

Song of the week: Jennifer LoPan, Full Moon

I came across these guys thanks to a recommendation from my Facebook friend Jesse. Jesse has impeccable taste in music, running from the mainstream (e.g., Dylan) to dauntingly obscure (at least from my perspective) punk rock. So when Jesse recommends something, even if I don’t like it, I know it’s going to be interesting.

Well, Jesse hit it out of the ballpark when he linked to Jennifer LoPan’s Full Moon EP. Holy hell is this good. It’s rockabilly Jesus and Mary Chain, fuzzed out country music, and a hell of a lot of fun. It rides the line between dissonance and melody, noise and classic rock (think Beatles-style melodies). And they’re from Moncton! (Who knew? says the born-and-bred Ontario guy) Apparently there’s a really good scene there. I have no clue, but if the Moncton scene is even half as strong as this EP, then, yeah, that would be a pretty damn good scene.

Easily one of the best releases of the year. Being able to discover bands like Jennifer LoPan vindicates Facebook’s very existence.


Listen/purchase: Full Moon EP by Jennifer Lopan

All the Rage 1.4, Oct 8 2016. Melodic dissonance and dreamy pop from Australia and Canada

It’s show number five! Enjoy.

All the Rage 1.4, Oct 8 2016. Melodic dissonance and dreamy pop from Australia and Canada

Here’s your track list:

Kim Gordon, Murdered Out
Cheap High, Time and Space
Greys, Fresh Hell
WTCHS, You Own Your Bones
Key Out, Tread Gently
The Love Between, Believe It
Vesuvio Solo, Don’t Leave Me in the Dark
Waitress, Engram
No Local, Thinking the Wrong Things (Single Edit)
Dream Girl, 88
Bernardino Femminielli, Café petite chatte
Scraps, Touch Blue
Lastlings, You


Pleasing Melody of the Week: Lastlings, You

As a non-Australian (albeit one who was on the way to getting permanent residency there before being offered a job back in North America), I’ve always associated the Gold Coast with a kind of low-rent decadence, of year-round spring breakers doing what spring breakers do, like leaning into the alcohol poisoning. Crass. Basically, the opposite of Gold Coasters Lastlings, whom I’ve been following since stumbling onto some of their songs on triplejunearthed about a year or so ago. (Aside: Canada needs a triplejunearthed site and radio station. CBC, get on it!)

Siblings Joshua and Amy Dowdle create delicate, breathy, beautiful synthpop that’s pretty much the opposite of my mental image of the Gold Coast. They’ve put together a passel of dreamy singles and an EP that are definitely worth seeking out. You is vintage Lastlings, released last June. Since then they’ve also released another single, Time, which is just as good. Lovely stuff.


All the Rage 1.3, Oct. 2, 2016: Fourth episode! Best new indie music from Australia, Canada & beyond

Fourth episode! New music from Canada and Australia.

All the Rage 1.3, Oct. 2, 2016: Fourth episode! Best new indie music from Australia, Canada & beyond


Here’s your setlist:

The Fable Singers, Western Bulldogs FC Song “Sons of the Sea”
Heart Beach, Brittle
Chris Thornborrow and Bruce Peninsula, Don’t Wake the Giant
Slow Down Molasses, Moon Queen
The Yips, Sleep of Reason
Contrast, Vanishing Point
Surf Dads, Found Yourself in Thailand
Mare Advertencia Lirka, Bienvenidx
Lucky Luke, Sunburnt Country
Run the Jewels, Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck)
A Tribe Called Red, R.E.D. (f. Yasiin Bey, Nnarcy & Black Bear)
Matt Jaekel and Dave Klassen (Windfall Found), Expedition to 15,000 PSI
Windfall Found, Pulling for the Heavens 1: Soaring
BBQT, Handsome Daredevil Bad Boy Kinda Guy


Fave song of the week: Heart Beach, Brittle

In this Brave New World of almost unlimited access to music and collapsing old-school business models, I’m still kinda flabbergasted that something as powerful as Heart Beach’s first album a) isn’t a worldwide chart-topper; and b) is available for free on the group’s bandcamp page. They came out of the gate fully formed, with spare, searing tunes of loneliness and alienation.

The great news is that the gloriousness of Heart Beach is looking to be anything but a flash-in-the-pan. Brittle is the first single off of their upcoming second album, Kiss Your Face, out Nov. 11, and it more than continues their winning streak, with emotive male-female vocals and an achingly harsh guitar line. Heart Beach are the real deal, and if we’re all very, very lucky, they will be around for a very long time.