All the Rage 1.2 Sept. 25, 2016: From Mexico to Hobart to Toronto

It’s show number three! And only a week late.

All the Rage 1.2 Sept. 25, 2016: From Mexico to Hobart to Toronto

Your setlist:
Martina Topley-Bird, Too Tough to Die (intro)
Candy, Conjuros Y Rituales
Katie Dey, Fear O’ The Light
The Metronomes, Too Much Information
Morning TV, Golden
Lazertits, Ladies
Dogtower, Simulated Drinking
Sex Stains, Period. Period.
Hardly Boys, All I Want
Little Kid, think it over
Babygirl, It’s Getting Late
Lowell, West Coast Forever
Lucky Luke, Gone 4ever f. Rahjoconkas
Flour, There She Goes
Casper Skulls, Devotion
Peeling, Leisure Life
NoMeansNo, Joyful Reunion
Metric, Reflection 07 (outro)

Canción of the week: Candy, Conjuros y Rituales

I first saw Candy in 2009 at a music festival in Mexico City (I also saw Chromeo for the first time, playing in front of a small crowd at 3 am – the festival got off to a late start – so it was a particularly memorable day out). They seemed to be the only punk band playing the reggaeton stage, so they would’ve stood out regardless, but they also exuded cool, and they ripped through an energetic set.

I bought their album the next day and have been following them ever since. Atlas, their crowd-funded third album (yep, I donated), has a lot going on. You can tell they’re pushing themselves musically, and their efforts pay off, big time. One of the best parts of being a music fan is watching a band grow into their sound, and with Atlas, Candy do just that. Go listen.