Song of the Week: Johnny Headband, Underground

I first saw Detroit’s Johnny Headband open for Electric Six in Ottawa many years ago (2006? 2007?), and it was a revelation. It’s not often you get blown away by the opening act, especially a band you’d never heard of before, but their frenetic live show (lead singer performing calisthenics while clad in a white jumpsuit – I’m pretty sure I didn’t imagine that) and instantly memorable tunes made me a fan for life. It blows my mind that these guys aren’t more well-known than they are. I mean, musical taste is subjective, but their funkily cool, ultra-catchy synth-based can go toe-to-toe with anything out there.

Anyway, check out their latest song, Underground, a lost disco classic. And while you’re on their Bandcamp page, download (for free!) their 2012 album, Who Cooks for You. There are so, so many great songs on that one. Spread the word!

All the Rage Show 1.0 Sep. 3, 2016

All the Rage Show 1.0 Sep. 3, 2016

Johnny Headband, Underground
Mai Lan, Technique
Black Cab, Uniforms
Donny Benét, Endless (feat. Isabella Manfredi)
Heart Attack Kids, Banshee
Brat Kings, Coffins
White Dog, Locked Out
Anchoress, Your Career is Over
Shame Spiral, Untitled III
Catsuit, Starlet
Hot Spoke, Outlines
Fake Palms, Collar Bone
Jen Cloher, Dead Wood Falls
The Dean Ween Group, Mercedes Benz