All the Rage 1.2 Sept. 25, 2016: From Mexico to Hobart to Toronto

It’s show number three! And only a week late.

All the Rage 1.2 Sept. 25, 2016: From Mexico to Hobart to Toronto

Your setlist:
Martina Topley-Bird, Too Tough to Die (intro)
Candy, Conjuros Y Rituales
Katie Dey, Fear O’ The Light
The Metronomes, Too Much Information
Morning TV, Golden
Lazertits, Ladies
Dogtower, Simulated Drinking
Sex Stains, Period. Period.
Hardly Boys, All I Want
Little Kid, think it over
Babygirl, It’s Getting Late
Lowell, West Coast Forever
Lucky Luke, Gone 4ever f. Rahjoconkas
Flour, There She Goes
Casper Skulls, Devotion
Peeling, Leisure Life
NoMeansNo, Joyful Reunion
Metric, Reflection 07 (outro)

Canción of the week: Candy, Conjuros y Rituales

I first saw Candy in 2009 at a music festival in Mexico City (I also saw Chromeo for the first time, playing in front of a small crowd at 3 am – the festival got off to a late start – so it was a particularly memorable day out). They seemed to be the only punk band playing the reggaeton stage, so they would’ve stood out regardless, but they also exuded cool, and they ripped through an energetic set.

I bought their album the next day and have been following them ever since. Atlas, their crowd-funded third album (yep, I donated), has a lot going on. You can tell they’re pushing themselves musically, and their efforts pay off, big time. One of the best parts of being a music fan is watching a band grow into their sound, and with Atlas, Candy do just that. Go listen.

All the Rage 1.1 Sept. 11, 2016: Left-field melodic noise from Canada, Australia and beyond

Show number two! 

Punk rock from Colombia and Brisbane! Indie rock from Vancouver and Regina! Nerd rap from Halifax! And more, more, more!

This week’s playlist:

Sahara Beck, Tapping on the Roof
Kasador, Talk About It
Beliefs, Tidal Wave
Swim Team, Recourse
Rotten Spooky, Judy
Secta, No Religion
The Survivalists, Breakfast is a Scam
Shawn James Morgan, Weed
Nice as Fuck, Runaway
Wordburglar, Rhyme O’Clock (feat. More or Les)
Persons, Persons for the People
Police Force, Freakin’ Out the Squares
Teeth & Tongue, Dianne
Alex Lahey, Let’s Go Out
Bouncing Souls, Bees
DTCV, Bourgeois Pop
The Drones, Private Execution

All the Rage 1.1 Sept. 11, 2016: Left-field melodic noise from Canada, Australia and beyond

Tuneage of the week: Police Force, Freakin’ Out the Squares

Brisbane’s Police Force (the band, not the agents of the state) are effortlessly cool. Underground rock and roll that actually sounds dangerous and audacious. Even their name lends them an air of mystery – it’s not exactly easily Googleable, just like the title of their first album, Police Force. Think of them as the spiritual successors of the legendary Nation of Ulysses. Get on board (Tenth Court).

h/t Soundly Sounds

Song of the Week: Johnny Headband, Underground

I first saw Detroit’s Johnny Headband open for Electric Six in Ottawa many years ago (2006? 2007?), and it was a revelation. It’s not often you get blown away by the opening act, especially a band you’d never heard of before, but their frenetic live show (lead singer performing calisthenics while clad in a white jumpsuit – I’m pretty sure I didn’t imagine that) and instantly memorable tunes made me a fan for life. It blows my mind that these guys aren’t more well-known than they are. I mean, musical taste is subjective, but their funkily cool, ultra-catchy synth-based can go toe-to-toe with anything out there.

Anyway, check out their latest song, Underground, a lost disco classic. And while you’re on their Bandcamp page, download (for free!) their 2012 album, Who Cooks for You. There are so, so many great songs on that one. Spread the word!

All the Rage Show 1.0 Sep. 3, 2016

All the Rage Show 1.0 Sep. 3, 2016

Johnny Headband, Underground
Mai Lan, Technique
Black Cab, Uniforms
Donny Benét, Endless (feat. Isabella Manfredi)
Heart Attack Kids, Banshee
Brat Kings, Coffins
White Dog, Locked Out
Anchoress, Your Career is Over
Shame Spiral, Untitled III
Catsuit, Starlet
Hot Spoke, Outlines
Fake Palms, Collar Bone
Jen Cloher, Dead Wood Falls
The Dean Ween Group, Mercedes Benz