All the Rage, January 13, 2015 – Prodigies, punks, pianos and showtunes

A bit of everything this week, including a killer track from the Sunshine Coast’s Sahara Beck. Proof positive that Australia is a fantastic country:

1. It produces exciting and interesting musicians, of which Sahara Beck is only the latest in a long tradition.

2. There’s a part of the country actually called the Sunshine Coast. To be fair, British Columbia also has a “Sunshine Coast,” but is there a Canadian University of the Sunshine Coast? No. There is not.

All the Rage, Jan. 13, 2015 – Prodigies, punks, pianos and showtunes by Bhaggart on Mixcloud

This week’s tuneage:

Martina Topley-Bird, Too Tough to Die (intro), Anything, Palm

Trey Parker, Shpadoinkle, Cannibal! The Musical OST, New Cannibal Society

Pet Shop Boys, Losing My Mind, Alternative, EMI

Sarah Slean, Weight, Night Bugs, WEA/Universal

Sahara Beck, Brother Sister, Bloom EP, self-released

Abstract Holiday, Best Crystal, single, self-released

Lounge Lizards, Queen of All Ears, Queen of All Ears, Strange and Beautiful

Bell Orchetre, Water/Light/Sifts, As Seen Through Windows, Arts and Crafts

Heart Attack Kids, Platonic Love Bomb, Heart Attack Kids, Speed City

The Re-Bops, Little Boy, Motorcycle, self-released

The Evens, Sooner or Later, The Odds, Dischord

Unwound, Look a Ghost, Leaves Turn Inside You,Kill Rock Stars

Nomeansno, I Think You Know, 0+2=1, Alternative Tentatcles

I Know Leopard, Daisy Eyes (partial), Illumina, self-released

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