All the Rage, January 6, 2015 – Multilingual Pop Extravaganza!

My New Year’s Resolution: To actually post my shows and list the artists featured therein. Here goes:

All the Rage, Jan. 6, 2015 – Multilingual Pop Extravaganza! by Bhaggart on Mixcloud

Martina Topley Bird, Too Tough to Die, Anything, Palm (intro)

7 Seconds of Love, Looking for my leopard, Danger is Dangerous, self-released

Glukoza, Glukoza Nostra, Glucosa Nostra, Monolith Records

Brazilian Girls, Me Gustas Cuando Callas, Brazilian Girls, Verve

Calle 13, Multi_Viral (feat. Julian Assange, Kamilya Jurban and Tom Morello), Multi_Viral, El Abismo

Radio Radio, 9 piece luggage set, Belmundo Regal, Bonsound

Jean Leloup, 1990, L’amour est sans pitié, Audiogram

Mitsou, Dis-Moi Dis Moi, La Collection, Unidisc

Pet Shop Boys, Discoteca [New Version], Format: 1996-2002, Parlophone/EMI

Pizzicato 5, Mon amour Tokyo, Happy End of the World, Matador

The Box, L’Affaire Dumoutier, All the time all the time all the time, Unidisc

Colectivo, La Panique, Jaune électrik, self-released

Feist, L’Amour ne dure pas toujours, Let it die, Polydor

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